Finding a property/Register Now - The internet and press is becoming more and more popular as people look for a property to buy but it is still important to register with us that way we can help ensure that you don’t miss out on any suitable new properties To register please click on our registration button or contact your local office.

How much can you afford to spend? - Firstly speak to our mortgage advisor - you will be given a financial review and independent advice on which mortgage suits you best and is in tune with your monthly spend. It is always advisable to then obtain an agreement in principal from the nominated lender.

Remember that you also need to take into consideration other expenses such as, Survey Fees, Stamp Duty Land Tax, Solicitors Fees, and disbursements.

What to look at and where? - Decide on the location or area that you are looking for but always have a second choice in mind in case you cannot find a suitable property within your set budget in the preferred area.

Be flexible on your wish list as you won't always find every single thing you are looking for.

Viewings & Putting in an offer - View as many properties as soon as possible. Properties sell very quickly, so don’t leave it too long before booking an appointment. Make appointments in your lunch hour or on the way home from work, as well as weekends.

- If you see a property that you really like, make an offer. Do not “wait and see” what else is available as generally there tend to be more buyers than property available .

- Everybody wants to try and get an offer accepted below the asking the price, but if you find the perfect property then offer the full asking price. This means you'll be taken seriously, there won't be any time-wasting and it will reduce the possibility of you losing the property.

Offer Agreed and Sale Running - Once your offer has been agreed we will endeavour to move things along as quickly as possible

The whole process can take several weeks but this depends on the type of property that you are buying and how efficient your solicitor is. We believe in maintaining regular contact with both the buyer,  seller and their respective legal representatives.

-We will help and guide you through the whole process.

Exchange and Completion - Your solicitor once completed all searches and paperwork will ask you to sign the contract and then send this to the sellers solicitor whom in turn returns their signed contract. Once this has happened you have ‘exchanged” and the sale is legally binding. You will set a date for completion at this point and agree when to collect the keys to your purchase.

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