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Outlook Property's top tips to sell your
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home this autumn...

We’ve firmly entered autumn now. The leaves falling off the trees, the abundance of conkers, the falling temperatures, the nights drawing in, the long build-up to Christmas beginning in earnest – it can only mean the season of colour, beauty and nights snuggled up in front of the TV has well and truly arrived.

Autumn also happens to be a great time in which to sell a home. The days are generally mild and buyers are keen to be moved into their new home before preparations for December’s festivities really ramp up. As such, they are eager to act quickly, and prefer to avoid a moving day that coincides with Christmas or the harsher winter months.

What’s more, there are more daylight hours in autumn than winter, which means more time for prospective buyers to come and view a property. Viewings can still take place when it’s dark outside, of course, but they may not be as effective as those carried out in daylight.

As a seller, you need to pounce on this desire to be moved in before Christmas arrives and do all you can to push through a fast, efficient house sale.

Using our experience as one of East London’s foremost estate and letting agents, we provide some top tips to help you get your home sold this autumn...

Garden space

The outdoors really comes into its own in autumn – the natural world arguably never looks finer, with crisp, sunny days, multi-coloured trees and gorgeous sunsets all making it a stand-out season from an aesthetic point of view.

As a seller, you can take full advantage of this. If you have a garden or any kind of outdoor space, make it look its best and then point would-be buyers towards it. People may not spend as much time outside in the autumn months, but it’s still a chance to show buyers what they could do with the space when the warmer months come around. At the very least, it will give them something nice to look at when they come to view your home. 

Garden space – more specifically bright, well-kept, attractive garden space – is even more important if you are a seller who is looking to sell to certain demographic, in particular young families and young professionals. They will be eagle-eyed when it comes to gardens, so make sure it looks in tip-top shape.


Sadly, while they’re lovely to look at, those autumn leaves can cause major problems for your gutters and drainage. 

To save yourself time, money and stress, it’s best to clear your gutters and drains at regular intervals to ensure there is no build-up over time. The longer you leave it, the more of a problem it will become.

The first impression of your home is also crucial, which means your driveway/front garden will need to be in ship shape. In the autumn, leaves may be swept onto your driveway/front garden and this means the outside of your property could look untidy and unkempt, so it’s a good idea to get the broom out and sweep these areas clean as well.


Some buyers place a lot of emphasis on lighting. When there’s not so much of the natural stuff outside, as is the case the closer we get to winter, it’s doubly important to make clever use of blinds, windows and curtains to ensure your home is flooded with as much natural light as possible.

Autumn also produces a number of those wonderfully crisp, sunny mornings which are absolutely ideal for house viewings. If you can arrange viewings for these times, you can show your home off in its finest possible light.

The lack of light outside and the nights drawing in earlier can also work to your advantage, creating a cosy, intimate vibe within your home. Many associate autumn with hot mugs of soup and coffee in front of the fire, Bonfire Night, Halloween, hearty meals and cosiness, so if you can reflect this when buyers come to view – particularly if they come to view in the late afternoon or evening – you’ll be onto a winner.

Coats and jumpers

Autumn is generally a very mild month, but the temperature can drop drastically on occasions. Certainly, coats, jumpers and sturdier footwear will be in more frequent use as the weather turns. At times, really cold snaps can hit, which means gloves, scarves and woolly hats will be out in force.

All of these items, of course, need to be put somewhere. Buyers coming to view your home will not want to be greeted by your personal items on show – this is only likely to put them off, to make them feel like they are intruding. This is the last thing you want, so it’s best to store away these items before viewings. You want your home to feel characterful and homely, but you don’t want it to feel too intimate and lived-in.

It’s a difficult balance to strike, but one you will need to get right to increase your chances of pushing through a fast, pain-free house sale.

At Outlook Property, we will do all we can to help you get your home sold for the best possible price this autumn. We have a number of different branches, covering the likes of Leyton and Stratford.  

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